Stop wrecking your hats and your walls

Hat Hangers are built with a 6" wide curved brim to maintain the shape of your hat. They are attached to the wall using non-permanent foam adhesive tape for quick easy application and no damage to the wall. Because of the design they will fit an extremely large variety of hat styles, shapes and sizes. 

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Hat Hangers for storing, organizing and displaying your hats without wrecking them!

Installation Tutorial

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Why Hat Hangers?

Hi, my name is John. I am the owner and inventor of Hat Hangers. I’ve always liked collecting hats but hated trying to find a way to show them off or store them. The only option really was to use multiple hooks screwed to the wall. This posed problems because it was always misshaping my hats to the point I couldn’t wear them again. So basically I would buy some hats just to hang on the wall and use other hats for daily use that would sit on the counter or my dresser. The other problem was that I had to put holes in my walls for hanging the hooks used to store my hats. Whenever I wanted to move it I either had holes in the wall or I had to patch, sand and paint my wall to keep it looking nice. I finally stopped buying hats to show off because they would eventually end up in a stack in the closet and I would forget I even had them. After scouring the internet for weeks trying to find something that would work I finally decided the product that I wanted wasn’t out there. I decided to finally try and make my own. And after a couple of years and hundreds and hundreds of designs, materials and mock ups I finally had what I wanted...Continued