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Hat Hanger

Hat-Hanger (5 Pack) - Black Barnwood

Hat-Hanger (5 Pack) - Black Barnwood

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The Hat-Hanger is the perfect way to organize all of your hats on the wall and help them keep their original shape. Made from box board (think recycling), this quick and easy folding Hat Hanger can be hung within seconds thanks to it's high quality non-permanent adhesive tape. The non-permanent tape leaves no residue on your walls and doesn't peel off paint. The bend of the Hat Hanger keeps your hats in their original shape and doesn't stretch them out like standard hat hooks do. 


Hat-Hanger 5 Pack (Baseball Cap Hat Cowboy Fedora Fitted Trucker Rack Mount) . 

The Hat-Hanger is a new unique way to maintain your everyday hat or your complete collection. 
The rounded style of the Hat-Hanger helps maintain the original shape of your hat. 
Hat-Hangers are made of a recyclable box board material with a glossy white coating. 
Each Hat-Hanger is assembled with 3 (1"x2") pieces of removable adhesive tape. The tape does not leave residue on your wall when removed. 
Hat-Hangers are shipped flat and are easy to assemble. 
Stop wrecking your hats by using nails, screws and hooks that aren't made for hats
Hat-Hangers have been tested on: Fitted (Youth, S/M, L/XL) and Snap Back style hats. 
Hat-Hangers will work on most Cowboy hats that have a fairly flat brim. Hat-Hangers extend 3" from the wall. Please measure any Cowboy style hats before ordering. 
Because of the design of the hanging area on the Hat-Hanger it fits many different size hats.  
Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class.



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